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EDUC. TECH.: COURSE OUTLINE EDTECH 1: HOLY CROSS OF DAVAO COLLEGE, INC. College of Education Course No. : Educ 22 Course Title: Educational Technology Course Description:...


College of Education

Course No. : Educ 22

Course Title: Educational Technology

Course Description: 

This course is designed to introduce the basic learning theories and principles as bases for the design, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction using education technology. Students are expected to acquire skills in integrating technology in various content areas. Course activities are focused on the design and development of ICT-based instructional plans.

Institutional Objectives:
HCDC aims to help students develop themselves into well-integrated Christ - like, Filipino Leaders. During there stay in the school, the human relationship; subject, content, classroom, atmosphere, in-campus activities shall have nourished and nurtured their body and soul, mind and heart, will and migration, so that in their words and action they consistently like the teaching and examples of Jesus Christ as well as the best in Filipino socio-cultural and spiritual heritage. Thus, becoming whole persons, they shall be leaders whose service contribute to the improvement of life, especially the less fortunate, both when they humbly hold positions of authority and the responsibility to do the tasks of members in a group of community.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course students should be able to:

1. Define educational technology and explain its relationship with other terms in the teaching learning situation;

2. Trace the development of educational technology under different era and the corresponding educational technology used;

3. Give the roles and function of educational technology;

4. Prepare and present a multi-media presentation on a specific lesson and grade level/ year level;

5. Give the importance of putting up and maintaining an educational media.


I. Evaluation of Educational Technology and Its Application

II. History of Educational Technology

III. The need for technology in the Philippines

IV. Scope of Technology Education

V. The synergy of Technology with the basic learning theories, principles and practices

VI. Theories in Educational Technology

VII. Learning through design and technology

VIII. Teaching and learning framework for integrating technology in the curriculum including best practices in maximizing learning through information and communication technology

IX. Design and develop of technology suggested instructional plans

X. Technology in the constructivist learning environment

XI. Technology and student assessment

Course Assessment:

Summative Report = 60%
Portfolio = 30%
Attendance = 10%

Total = 100%

Evaluation Criteria

A. Midterm Grade
- Quizzes, Recitation, Journal, Assignment, Etc. = 50%
- Prelim Examination = 25%
- Midterm Examination = 25%

Total = 100%

B. Final Grade
- Quizzes, Recitation, Journal, Assignment, Etc. = 50%
- Midterm Grade = 25%
- Final Examination = 25%

Total = 100%

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