Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Novelty Applied - Instructional Device Making Output

In creating visuals, one should consider the following guidelines:


Is the material colorful? Pupils are attracted by bright and dark colors. And if so, is the choice of colors life-like and harmonious. Does the color facilitate understanding?


Can the material stand several uses? Can it be used over and over again.


Is the material worth its costs? Or can a cheaper material in terms of time spent in preparing it and in terms of the cash value be used?

 Easy to Handle

Is the material light and easy to manipulate. Is it easy to put up and then and store for future use.

7.) Novelty

Does the material possess an element of newness? Can it arouse the curiosity and a sense of discovery in the learners?

Considering the aforementioned guidelines.  Our class transformed a simple manila paper into a reusable visual aid.  These visuals can be used in many different ways depending on the teachers creativity and of the type of activity that they would have in a particular lesson. 

Materials: Manila paper, Masking tape or scotch tape, Coloring materials, Colored Paper or art paper, paste or glue, plastic cover and scissors.

With a little imagination, creativity and artistry.  A wonderfully made output could be materialized! 

Well done! Congratulations Class!