Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theories in Educational Technology

Group 1
- Anchored Instruction
- Cognitive Flexibility

Group 2
- Constructivist Theory
- Diffusion of Innovation

Group 3
- Distributed Cognition
- Dual-Coding Theory

Group 4
- Elaboration Theory
- Experiential Learning

Group 5
- Multiple Intelligence
- Script Cognition

Group 6
- Social Constructivism
- Symbol System

Group Reporting:

Tasks/Focus of the Report:

1.) Compare and Contrast two of the Theories in Educational Technology as assigned
per group.

2.) Describe how the learning theories affect media and technology in instruction.

3.) Use Traditional Technology in presenting the report

4.) Incorporate an activity and encourage maximum participation

Note: The following are web addresses that may help your group for the report.

as the reports continue....

one must have good reasons why they want to teach an why they choose such major.


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